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The Pain & Rejuvenation Wrap

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Discover LED Laser Lipo

Double Workout Results & Flush up to 130 Grams of Fat with Clinical Grade 635nm Waves for Inch Loss

Lose fat fast with the laser lipo wrap

The Laser-Lipo Wrap

Our red light phototherapy wrap is the first home-use treatment of it's kind with red-light phototherapy in 635nm waves - the same wavelengths used for fat loss in popular med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable belt you can use from the comfort of your home.

The Nushape Lipo Wrap for Fat-Loss

    Simply apply to the area of your choice and relax for ten minutes for immediate results. Red light therapy is totally safely and pain-free. No needles, no knife, no doctors. Just warm red light waves from non-invasive LEDs.


    One device, multiple functions. The laser lipo belt and pain relief belts aren’t just for pain and fat loss, but perform a long list of professional phototherapy treatments for pain relief, slimming, and anti-aging in one easy to use device. The purchase of an LED Phototherapies belt is like buying your own personal medspa!


    Save thousands of dollars in office visits. Professional red light therapy treatments in the office start at $80 a treatment and go up above $300 at medspa and weight loss clinics. Spas and wellness centers sell in packages of 6 -12 treatments, ranging from $1000 - $2000+ Our device offers the strongest technology and unlimited use from the comfort of home, for the cost of one to two sessions.


    NASA’s scientists were the first to discover the inspiring advancement of red light therapy and started using LED therapy over lasers to heal wounds in space and on earth. Built on the research of Rodrigo Neira, M.D. and Clara Ortiz Neira M.D., Red Light Therapy has been proven to effective for a variety of rejuvenating and healing uses.

How Do Led Waves Affect The Body?

LED’s deliver light to the tissues and cells of the body in a similar way to how plants absorb light energy from the sun. UV-Free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural processes to build new proteins and regenerate cells, stimulate mitochondrial action and can offer relief from pain and inflammation, increase blood circulation, improve healing time, and cause lipolysis in fat cells for a natural alternative to liposuction.


The Laser Lipo Wrap carries a one year warranty. If your wrap has an issue we will provide a replacement within one year of purchase.


The Laser Lipo Wrap is shipped free of charge to anywhere in the US. Worldwide shipping is $25


The majority of devices on the market carry the risk of dangerously high EMF’s. Your health is the priority - our belts have an almost zero EMF level.

Watch Dr. Ian Explain How Our Lipo Wrap Works On Rachel Ray

Watch busy mom Sandra put Nushape to the test for The Human Lab segment on Rachel Ray. Sandra paired her led light therapy treatments with increased water intake and 20 minutes of yoga at the park nearby, measuring 36 inches around her waist on day one, and 34 inches 7 days later, (press play to watch the whole segment and hear Dr. Ian explain the science behind the red light therapy for fat loss an how to “wash the fat from fat cells” with our best-selling Laser Lipo Wrap).

The Many Ways To Use Your Belt


Wound Healing

Increased Circulation


Diabetic Neuropathy


Fat Loss



Lymphatic Drainage


Firm & Tone

Age Spots

Sun Damage


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This Might Sound Funny But I've Always Had Fat Knees. For The First Time in My Life I Like My Legs.

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