Sauna Wrap Insert
Sauna Wrap Insert
Sauna Wrap Insert
Sauna Wrap Insert
Sauna Wrap Insert
Sauna Wrap Insert
Sauna Wrap Insert

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Our Sauna Wrap Insert will have you feeling like you brought the spa into your own home. This insert is specially designed to absorb sweat so that you can sit inside comfortably while relaxing in the Nushape Sauna Wrap. Made in 100% cotton, our insert feels amazing against your skin, removing the need for having to wear clothes for a more luxurious experience.

The insert protects your skin from direct contact with the sauna wrap surface, which means it absorbs sweat and you no longer have to clean your sauna wrap after every use. The insert is lightweight and designed to fit inside the blanket. All you need to do is place inside the sauna wrap before switching it on. When the sauna has preheated – just climb inside and relax! When you’re done, just gather the insert and toss in the laundry, it is machine washable and dries quickly.

The major benefits of adding the insert to your Nushape collection is that it boosts your overall sauna wrap experience. It maximizes your comfort levels when relaxing inside your sauna wrap, and you no longer have to cover all your skin while enjoying your sauna wrap which adds another level of freedom. And, if you like the idea of not having to clean up the blanket every time it is used, an insert will take care of that as well - Less cleaning!

Color: Black
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 180 x 80 cm
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