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The truth is that while red light for fat loss is a remarkable discovery in the world of weight loss, it’s still not a magic pill requiring no effort. Fat loss results obtained from adding red light lipolysis to an already healthy lifestyle or following our fat loss protocol, can make a tremendous difference and amplify your current results in a major way versus a fat loss program without. Stubborn fat from fat areas that are always resistant to being burned off can be whittled down in record time, (twice as fast is what the studies show!). 

There are several home use devices on the market now, but no matter which device you choose, make sure it has at least 32 joules per cm2. Ideally it will use 635nm waves and also have the added benefits of NIR 850nm waves for general weight loss support.

The LED Phototherapies Lipo Wrap has the important added benefit of no EMF danger and is the only device using both 635nm and 850nm near infrared waves at a power density of 37 joules per cm2 with medical grade dual chip LEDs.

Light medicine treats over 30 different conditions from head to toe! How will you use light medicine? Learn more about how LED therapy can be used for your best mind and body in our book Light Medicine, available for our customers, free!

Light Medicine, The Book



The Laser Lipo Wrap for Slimming & Fat-Loss